Haiti Fundraiser

I've seen other people doing this, and I may be pretty late to the game, but I added my name to the list. Below is the link to the LJ-page where bidding is ongoing, and what I posted there.


User Name: allaine77
Email address: eac2nd@yahoo.com
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional):
You can see things I've created at: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/112267/Allaine
I am offering: One fanfic to the highest bidder. The winner will get a minimum of 100 words for every dollar they give. $10 gets a 1,000-word-minimum fic, etc.
Fandoms (if appropriate): Kim Possible, Batman: the Animated Series, Gargoyles, Justice League (animated), Devil Wears Prada, 30 Rock
Additional Info (optional): I've focused on femslash for nine years, so I would really rather prefer a fic with a f/f lead pairing. It's all right if supporting characters are in het/slash relationships.
Starting Bid: $1

Sincerely, Allaine

Gargoyles Femslash on Blogtalkradio.com - Mooncat and Maggie the Cat

Two posts in a month - miraculous.

But some members of my f-list will probably be interested in the following:

The first 2010 installment of Femslash4Fans Radio will air LIVE on Thursday, January 7th, at 10 PM EST:

New Year, New Gargoyles Chat - Authors Maggie the Cat and Mooncat


Last spring, listeners were "lucky" enough to hear me talk way too long about Disney's television series "Gargoyles", perhaps the most complex, three-dimensional, dramatic animated program to come out of their studio in its history. They got to hear me wax poetic about my own theories for the popularity of primary villainess Demona as a femslash character, while the people whose opinions mattered more were forced to relay their thoughts secondhand through a chat room. This time, however, the situation has been rectified. Much as I did last autumn with my second Kim Possible show, I'm kicking off 2010 with a second Gargoyles show where other, more successful and talented Gargoyles femslash authors are given the chance to sit down for an interview. We'll be talking with Maggie the Cat, one of two authors behind Gargoyles femslash pioneer Madame Destine, and mooncatx, writer of the erotic "Immortal Blood" series and co-writer of the unfinished Demona/Elisa masterpiece "To Protect and Serve".

As many of you know, you can hear past episodes at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine, including the one referenced above which aired last June.

Tune in :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Nine years is a long time to write fanfic

Don't really use my LJ any more except as a means of A. keeping track of other people's lives, and B. posting radio show announcements at relevant LJ-communities, but I thought I'd take two seconds to say that I am now a "retired fanfic writer". I may write one or two little one-shots in the years to come, but the link below represents my last major project as a fanfic writer working in any current or former fandom.


Now I have to go figure out how to write this shit on my own.

Sincerely, Allaine

Internet Radio - October 15th, 2009

Sorry. I haven't been posting new episodes lately on my LJ. I think I'll be posting very informally in the future, since we're all friends here.

Next show: 10/15/2009, 10 PM EST

Topic: Kim Possible

Guests: King in Yellow, Sobriety, and TempestDash (apparently on orders from laurean)

Hope you'll listen in :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Internet Radio - August 27th and September 3, 2009

Episode Twelve airs this Thursday, September 3, at 10 PM EST:


Liz Estrada, Demeter, Inspector Boxer and the Virtual Seasons of Women's Murder Club

In the second of a series on femslash in televised crime dramas, we'll be discussing the short-lived ABC drama Women's Murder Club, based on the popular novels by James Patterson. WMC was crippled by the writer's strike, then allowed to die an agonizing death worthy of the Kiss-Me-Not Killer in three final episodes that the fans . . . well, some of them wanted their EYES sewn shut. But, like so many other cancelled shows, WMC lives on in the fan fiction of authors such as our guests liz_estrada, demeter94, and inspectorboxer, and we'll talk about that in the first half of a special, hour-long episode. UNLIKE many other shows, however, WMC also lives on in its popular Virtual Seasons. My guests all had a hand in the writing of VS2 and VS3, and we'll talk about their experience, Lindsay/Cindy, and what to expect as VS3 continues in October.

Also, it was pointed out to me that I didn't post anything about last week's show, which aired Thursday, August 27th:


Criminal Minds - Talking Emily/JJ with GilliganKane and RacetheWind

This week we move away from soap goddesses, comic book heroes, and terminators that look like teenage girls, and delve into a much happier place - serial killers and the people who hunt them. It can't be easy having a personal life on "Criminal Minds", a CBS drama entering its fifth season about FBI profilers tracking down "unsubs". Your life revolves around mass murderers who are very good at not being caught. It's not something you can easily discuss with that cute barista. Understandable, then, that femslash authors have found love within the team in Agents Emily Prentiss and Jennifer Jareau. We'll be talking to two of these authors, gilligankane and RacetheWind, about their love for Emily/JJ and the appeal of romance versus angst.

You can download this show at any time. I hope you will attend this week's show :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Internet Radio - August 20, 2009

Episode Ten airs this Thursday, 10 PM EST.


Multi-Fandom Author Interview #2 - Fembuck

Earlier this year I spoke with harper_m in the first of an ongoing series of interviews with femslash fanfic authors who have written so many good stories, for so many pairings, for so long that we can't limit them to a single fandom. This time around, I'll be talking to an equally prolific author - some of you might know her as Janine, but most of us know her best as fembuck. Having spent years writing femslash for fandoms as huge as Harry Potter, or as small as The Mummy Returns, Fembuck is just as busy today as she was five years ago, and she remains as comfortable writing erotica as she does teen romance. We'll be discussing several fandoms in this show, including the current Joss Whedon drama Dollhouse, the long-deceased but never forgotten Once & Again on ABC, and the popular series of Rachel Morgan novels by Kim Harrison.

I hope you will attend :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Internet Radio - August 13, 2009

Episode Nine airs this Thursday, August 13th, at 10 PM EST.


BTR Goes Transatlantic as Misty Flores and DosSemanas Discuss "Los Hombres de Paco"

For anyone who thought the "International Day of Femslash" was a bit of an exaggeration, look no further than "Los Hombres de Paco". No, that's not a telenovela from across the border, that's a police comedy-drama airing across the ocean in SPAIN. As it turns out, however, a couple thousand miles of salt water and a language barrier can't compete with the power of the Internet when it comes to hooking American fans with its well-written canon lesbian pairing of Pepa and Silvia, or "PepSi". Especially when my guests make it as easy as possible for new fans who don't speak even a lick of Spanish to be pulled in. We'll be talking to random_flores, talented PepSi fanfic author and writer of the Spanish-to-English episode recaps available at http://www.ralst.com. And I'll be reading from an online Q&A I conducted with dossemanas, owner and maintainer of the Youtube channel PepSiEnglish, where thousands of subscribers can find compilations featuring every Pepa/Silvia scene with English subtitles. We'll talk about how PepSi's popularity spread from Spanish to English-speaking communities, what makes PepSi so special for my guests, and what you can do to help save PepSi in the wake of recent tragic developments.

Hope you attend!

Sincerely, Allaine

P.S. Actually, it won't be me reading from Dossemanas' Q&A. Since Dos couldn't make it, I've recruited dramaminequeen to help. If you were at the 2004 Radio Play, you'll understand why.

Internet Radio - August 6, 2009

Dear readers,

Femslash For Fans at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine is a call-in Internet radio show I've been hosting for the past two months, devoted to Internet femslash fan communities and the authors who write there. The goal is to give femslash fanfic authors the chance to be interviewed over the medium of live audio, and readers the chance to hear what their favorites have to say.

In the wake of last week's incredibly successful interview of three popular fanfic authors from CBS' "Guiding Light", the show moves from daytime to prime-time drama with its next show, airing LIVE next Thursday, August 6th, at 10 PM EST:


In the Shonda-Land of Women - Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Chat with burningeden & milk_and_glass

Two successful and interconnected prime-time medical dramas on ABC about smart, talented men and women who - let's face it, whose romantic lives are more complicated than the surgeries they perform. Shonda Rhimes created a fertile ground for femslash from Episode One of Grey's Anatomy, which only got bigger as Addison Montgomery left for the sunnier shores of Private Practice. And that ground began bearing fruit with the steamy pairing of Calliope Torres and Erica Hahn. It was all too brief, due to reasons we'd rather not rehash, but that hasn't stopped fanfic authors from writing Callie/Erica ever since. We'll talk with two successful authors who have worked with that pairing and several others - "One Heart Too Many" author burningeden, and longtime Addison/Izzie writer milk_and_glass.

I hope people here will listen in. If you can't listen live, you can listen later by downloading the .mp3 file. There will also be a live chatroom while the show is on. You can also go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine to hear previous interviews with authors from such fandoms as Devil Wears Prada, X-Men, and Mai-HiME.

Remember, the show airs at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time and runs until 10:45 PM. Please join us. We're all very excited for this occasion.

Sincerely, Allaine

Internet Radio - July 23rd, 2009

Episode Eight will air LIVE on Thursday, July 23rd, in a special hourlong episode from 10-11 PM EST.


DiNovia, Fewthistle and DAx Shine a "Guiding Light" on Otalia

As "Guiding Light" approaches the end of its run, after over seventy years of broadcasting, the Internet fanbase is more energetic than ever, mounting its last-ditch efforts to save the venerable soap opera. Plus, of course, there's "Otalia". The canon lesbian romance between Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera developed slowly over the past year and captured the hearts of fans. And now it's expanded well beyond the show's core audience as brand-new fans watch show clips on Youtube, listen to the Big Purple Dreams podcasts, and read fan fiction at the Incandescent Fire website. We'll discuss the exploding popularity of Otalia in a special hourlong show with DiNovia, author of "Hide Beside Me", her fellow fanfic author and co-creator of the Burning City fanfic Livejournal community Fewthistle, and "The Courtship of Emma's Mother" writer DAx.

Sincerely, Allaine